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February 20, 2012
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"Alright Gumball now tell me. Who else would you like to see yourself with?" The traveler asked with look of amusement on his face. Gumball stood there and thought. Who else was there that he could see himself being with, or at least dating?

The thought raged in his head for a few minutes until he finally reached a decision. "Well since this is just a dream anyway. How about… um Carrie…" He said pushing his fingers together with a little blush smile.

"Carrie you say? Why isn't that the cute little ghost girl you hang around with?" The traveler asked becoming intrigued at this new request.

"Yea were friends and sure she used my body for her food addiction that turned me into a fat blob, but she's also been there for me at times. So I figure what's harm right." The cat stated still blushing a little.

"Hmm well do you like her?" The traveler asked leaning over to Gumball. "Well yea I just told you that." Gumball said looking confused. "Maybe even a little more than friends?" The traveler asked again getting even closer. Gumball now a little uncomfortable with the man's face being merely inches away replied. "Um well maybe I guess, but I…" "Do you love her?" The traveler interrupted with a big smile.

"W-WHAT! NO! I just told you that we were friends, and now you're asking me if I love her. Isn't that what were supposed to be going to the future to find out?" Gumball said
stepping back to get some breathing room.

The traveler chuckled to himself before he continued. "Ah young love so beautiful whether or not your lover's dead, but that's not quite the case either." "What do you mean by that?" Gumball asked now stumped.  

"Caries dead is she not?" asked the traveler. "Yes I guess she is." Gumball stated knowing that he was probably going to get some bad news. 'Since Carries dead then doesn't that mean she'll stay the same age, and never be any different?' Gumball thought with a frown.
"Well that's only partly true" The traveler remarked, now with a serious look on his face. "Wait what's that supposed to mean?" Asked a still perplexed Gumball.

"I know what you're thinking about and understand that a ghost is someone who's not truly dead, but in fact is still very much alive. The only thing she's missing is her body, but there are ways around this as you my learn latter. Otherwise there isn't much of a
difference between us and her. Her spirit is still bound to this Earth just as yours and mine is, and is still capable of enjoying life." The traveler explained to a very confused Gumball who was starting to become nervous about his choice.

"W-Well then w-why are we just standing here shouldn't we be time traveling or s-something." Gumball stuttered still a little afraid of what the traveler had just told him. Even if he did not fully understand it still frightened him a little.

"Hmm a little anxious to see our choice now aren't we? Well right you are Gumball now just take my hand close your eyes, and we'll be off." The traveler said as he held out his hand for Gumball to grab.

'Phew… I guess it's time to see if Carries awesome, crazy, or if she's still somewhat creepy.' As Gumball thought this he grabbed the man's hand closed his eyes, and off they went into a white void. Gumball did his best to see what was going on but the light at the end of this large tunnel was too bright to be able to see so he was forced to keep his eyes shut.

"Here we are Gumball!" The traveler said with a warm smile. Gumball opened his eyes back up to see himself standing in the streets of Elmore looking at all of the houses and he admired at how well kept they were much like his own.

"Wow this reminds me of my neighborhood!" Gumball said in excitement his mouth open happy to see the mowed lawns in the bright sunlight. It was warm as if it was summer, and Gumball enjoyed it letting it soak his fur like a hot shower.

"Now remember Gumball were not just here to enjoy the day you know." The traveler stated as he noticed Gumball sunbathing. "O right… sorry. Now um why does it look so familiar here?" Gumball asked still amazed at how familiar it looked.

"Well I'm glad you asked because you only live five blocks away from your parent's house." The traveler said as he pointed in the direction to where his parents lived.

"Really? Wow which ones my house?" Gumball said in excitement. "Now Gumball were not here to evaluate your assets were here to see you and Carrie remember." The time traveler scolded. "Yea your right sorry. …So where is she anyway?" Gumball asked now getting back on track.

"Right over there." The traveler pointed to a woman kneeling down over a flower bed with a gardening hat on. "Is that her?" Gumball asked now a little nervous. "Yes it is now don't be afraid she can't see or hear you so go up to her and see what she's like." The traveler nudged Gumball towards the adult Carrie.

Gumball was still a little nervous but after a few moments he worked up the courage to go and see her. 'O what have I gotten myself into? What if she's still emo like when she was a kid? O man I really starting to freak out.' Gumball's thoughts went back and forth like this as he walked over to the working Carrie.

As he came to about five feet of the adult ghost he was about to lean over and take a look at her. When without warrant her head came around and she looked straight at him with in enraged look on her face. "GUMBALL!" She shouted, and as she did Gumball thought his life was over. 'O god I thought the traveler said I'd be fine!'  Then she yelled almost instantly after "MARMALADE!" Gumball thoughts quickly changed. 'Who's Marmalade?'

There was then a crash at the front door as tall blue cat and a blue haired ghost girl both ran out into the yard and then towards Carrie and knelt as they pleaded. "We didn't do it honey it was probably robber's!" Gumball said soon followed by Marmalade. "Yea mom dad and I are innocent we didn't do anything. It was probably Sindy or Gumdrop not us!"

"Do you guys even know why I yelled?" Carrie questioned. "Ugh to be fully honest no we don't, not at all." Gumball said now looking confused and curious. "Well I'll tell you why. It seems somebody kicked their soccer ball into my flower garden, and destroyed my daisies, and the last two I saw playing soccer was you guys." Carrie said in a very authorativ tone.

"Mom… dad and I put the ball away when we were done playing." Marmalade pleaded. "Yea honey we ended up giving it to Gumdrop and Charcoal." Gumball stated. "You gave it to them! O now where are they?" Carrie asked still looking mad. So she looked around the yard, and had finally become fed up with searching.

"Well for the love of… Gumdrop, Charcoal you're in so much TROUBLE!" Carrie shouted in the air so they would hear her.

This time two figures bolted from behind the house without looking back once, and they kept running towards the street. One was a blue cat not unlike Gumball, and the other was green creature with black hair. "Where do you think you two are going?" Carrie yelled. "Sorry mom, but we can't be here right have to go and meet the guys so bye." Gumdrop shouted halfway down the street. "Yea sorry aunty I'll see you later!" Charcoal shouted down the street. "Wait for me guys!" Marmalade cried as she dashed to catch up to the two refuges.

Carrie shuttered and turned back to the adult Gumball. "Ugh why do I even bother with them?" "I'm sorry honey, but I'm sure it was just an accident you know. I'm sure they didn't mean anything by it, and if it makes you feel any better I'll stay out here and help you fix it. How's that sound?" Said the Gumball as he got up from the ground and went over to hold his wife.

"Yea I guess you're right. Hmm funny you always seem to know just what to say you know that." Carrie said with a smile embarrassing Gumball a little bit. "Well I guess I haven't changed much since we were kids." Gumball said jokingly.

"Now if I remember correctly your mouth used to mess things up for you all the time." Carrie stated with her eye crocked. "Now why did you have to remind me about that? Don't you remember how much of a stud I was?" Gumball asked still carrying the same joking tone. "O yes you were a real ladies man that's for sure, and not a single girl left you alone. Carrie said sarcastically. "Well you still think I'm worth hanging around." Gumball replied.

"O yes I just can't help it, but then again I married you so I don't have much of a choice now do I." Carrie said joking sweetly. "That's right and now that you're in my clutches you'll be mine forever, and you'll never escape. Because I just won't let you go Muahaha!" Gumball said with an evil laugh.

"Well I'll hold you to it there my great big terrifying man. Now how about I go make us something to eat hmm? Carrie asked winking at Gumball. "Sounds good to me I'm famished after that little episode. So what are you going to make?" Gumball asked. "Whatever you like Gumball." Carrie said as she started for the house.

"Wait Carrie can we have dessert first?" Gumball asked grabbing Carries arm. "Dessert…
What do you mean?" Carrie asked with puzzled look. "I mean this!" Gumball then leaned in and gave her a soft kiss.

"Now hold on there Gumypuss you'll have to finish eating before you can have anymore." Carrie teased. "Well then I guess I'll have to eat quickly then wont I." Gumball replied as he gave her another even longer kiss. "Well alright then I guess I'd better get started." Carrie said as they both turned up the porch and disappeared into the house.
The young Gumball was now dumbfounded. It seemed as if Carrie was a whole new person, and come to think of it now she was gorgeous to.  Sure she seemed to have the same anger problems that she did as a kid, but she didn't do anything creepy with it, or make any threats.

He had always known Carrie to be a depressed emo girl who just didn't seem to care all that much about anything. Sure he had to admit that she was cute, but the transition from who she was to this it amazed him! She was taller, had longer more well-kept hair, and her body had developed into that of a woman. She had a sleek figure the curved from her chest down to her waist, and finally flared out into her tail (which made it look like she was wearing a dress).

She was even showing emotions now that he had never seen in the Carrie he knew. She seemed happier now. Happy with him, and those kids were they really theirs? They all looked like either Carrie or himself. Well… all except for who-ever that green kid was, but that didn't matter right now. What did matter is that Carrie was kinder and sweeter now, and he liked that.

As Gumball was standing there calming down from his little freak out session the traveler walked up to him and asked with a grin. "So do you like what you see?" "W-well… I um… Yea actually I do."  Gumball said. "Looked like you were about to be mauled there for a second didn't it?" The traveler said with a hint of humor in his voice. "Yea about that… You know how they say that when someone's about to die they see their life flash before their eyes?" Gumball asked turning towards the traveler. The man glanced over and said. "Yea…" "Well all I saw was an angry ghost just about ready to kill me so I call bull on that one!" Gumball stated with a serious tone.

The traveler lit up in laughter. He wasn't sure if it was because it was funny or if it was because it just happened so perfectly. Gumball noticed this and asked him. "So… is that all I get to see?" The traveler recomposed himself and then toke a moment to think. "Well that all depends. Would you like to stay a little longer? Gumball's ears perked up at hearing those words. "Yea! I mean um… I just want to see a little more of her and our family." The traveler smiled and gave him a wink as he asked. "So are you starting to like her then?" Gumball blushed and looked at the ground not wanting to acknowledge the question.

"That's alright you don't have to answer, but let's say we just go a little further shall we?" The traveler asked and who then extended his hand for Gumball to grab. Gumball looked up and toke hold, and just as before he was instructed to close his eyes, and when he reopened them it was night.

The night air was cool but still inviting. The street lights were on and there was nobody in site. "Alright Gumball let's say we go have some dinner." The traveler said with a smile. So they both walked up to the door and stepped inside unnoticed like the wind.
As they entered Gumball couldn't help but feel at home. The place was decorated with a few pictures, and a few pieces of nice furniture, including a large family sized couch. Gumball had never been here before but it resembled his parent's house so much that he felt at home, and it felt good.

"So shall we check in on the family?" The traveler asked now making his way towards the kitchen. Gumball followed not wanting to be alone in his older versions house. As they entered the dining room the table was packed. Gumball and Carrie sat on either side of the table with three kids sitting between them. Gumball was speechless and all he could think was 'Wow so this is my family'.

"O Carrie can you pass the ribs?" Gumball asked looking very hungry. Carrie looked up and said. "Sure thing dear just need to get the girls some." Marmalade and Sindy were sitting next to each other and both said in unison. "Yay ribs we love ribs!" "Yea well you guys are still to lame to be able to fully enjoy them." Gumdrop said with an evil smirk on his face.

"Shut up Gumdrop! Just because you use your stupid homemade steak sauce on your ribs doesn't make you a food coinsurer." Sindy said angrily. "Yea so you just keep your stupid comments to yourself before I decide to lick you." Threatened Marmalade. "HA! I'll take both of you on. You think I'm scared? You can't beat me not even if you paralyze me Marm's." Gumdrop shouted at his sisters. "O yea well we'll…" Sindy and Marmalade were cut off by their mother who said in a stern voice. "Would you kids knock it off were having dinner." "Yea listen to your mother.  She and I worked a long day today and we just want to have a nice dinner without you guys fighting." Gumball said coming to Carries aid.

"Thanks Honey." Carrie said smiling. "Besides we can all agree that Gumdrop would win." Gumball said with an evil smile. "WHAT!" Squealed Sindy and Marmalade with their faces twisted in a look of shock and betrayal. "Alright now let's eat!" Carrie said taking a big bite into her ribs. Gumball, and Gumdrop followed suit leaving Sindy and Marmalade wide eyed in shock. "This tastes good mom." Gumdrop said. "Yea there pretty tender and the sauce is just right." Gumball added. "Well thanks guys I'm glad you think so." Carrie said with a smile.

"So how is it for you Carrie everything good?" Gumball asked. "Yea everything's perfect, but the biscuits are a little funny tasting."  Carrie said picking up what looked like a baked blob. "O yea sorry about that mom. Dad and I were trying out one of Grandmas recipes." Marmalade said looking a little embarrassed.

"Yea my mom's been at it again with the cook books and she's trying to get Darwin to do the same thing." Gumball added. "O not this again… Where does your mom get these books?" Carrie asked looking a little discouraged. "I don't know, but it's my mom so I do what I can to make her happy." Gumball said resuming his meal. "Hear that kids you dad keeps his momma happy." Carrie said trying to get a reaction, but nobody gave one. "Ok then well kids how about school?" Carrie asked trying to get the conversation to move in another direction

"So what do you think about this?" The traveler asked. "They all seem so happy and carefree just like my family." Gumball said softly. "So did you notice anything else?" The traveler asked looking at the table. "Um… let's see… Wait is Carrie eating? What the W-What!" Gumball said in pure shock. "But I thought she couldn't eat she's dead. So why isn't the food just falling through her like at lunch? Gumball asked frantically.

The traveler hushed him and toke a second before speaking. "Well Gumball you see she's not really dead otherwise she wouldn't exist at all. She's lost her body, but her spirit is strong." Gumball looked at the traveler with a confused look not knowing what he had meant. "When you were kids she was still dealing with being alone and not knowing what the future would hold for her. She was scarred, angry and alone until you came into the picture." Gumball was still confused, and he was about to say something, but the traveler continued.

"You see the spirit acts just as if it was a physical body, and that body can become stronger. Your love gave Carrie strength. Your love made her feel confident and made her feel safe. So as your love continued to grow from being just friends all the way until you were married. You gave her strength, and that allowed her to become physical again. Her will to be with you, and live with you eventually made her strong enough to be able to eat again. Thanks to you she's now able feel, taste, and can now slate her hunger and quench her thirst. It was the second greatest gift you had ever given her."

"Second?" Gumball asked. "The first is your kids, and they are as dependent on your love as Carrie is. You and your kids make up Carries world. You all give her purpose, and reason to live and be happy." The traveler explained with a plain look on his face.
"Wow so what happens if I don't choose Carrie, what would happen to her?" Gumball asked feeling bad and wondering about if his decision would ruin her life or not. "Now you see I don't know the answer to that one. I'm only here to show and tell you about what could be. She could be just fine and have someone else to love, or she could be a miserable dead beat ghost for the rest of eternity I don't know. All I know is what I see here right now." The traveler explained.

Gumball remained silent for a while after. He just watched his and Carrie's family eating and enjoying each other's company. He knew that it was only a dream for him and not a reality, but for some odd reason one that he couldn't quite explain. He felt a sort of attraction to her now. He was starting to crush on Carrie, and even though he felt weird about crushing on this thirty year old woman. It just felt natural for him, but just like a dream he knew that nothing was set in stone, and that it would be awhile before he would get to see this Carrie again. So he just stood and watched them all eating, and laughing just as he did with his parents and siblings.

"So are you ready to leave?" The traveler asked. "Yea I think I've seen enough for now." Gumball replied with a blank expression. "Are you not happy with this?" The traveler asked now looking confused himself. "No it's just that it's going to be awhile before I'll ever see her like this again that's all." Gumball said now looking a little sad.

"Well that's the point of it all. So many choices so many outcomes, but you can only pick one of them. So don't worry so much about Carries future right now. She'll find her own path, and whether that's with you or someone else nothings set in stone. So right now just worry about figuring out your future, because that's what's important here. You don't want to sacrifice your own happiness out of pity for someone else. I know that sounds cruel, but remember Gumball you have just as much to do with it as she does." The traveler said with a look that Gumball had only seen before with his father. Only this time it wasn't about sausage, or dating advice.

"Alright then so I guess it's time for someone else then?" Gumball asked now seeming a little better. "So you've already thought of someone else have you? Glad to see you're still willing to see more of your matches. Alright now we must leave this time first so you'd better hold on tight." The traveler said extending his arm out for Gumball to grab. "Hmm. Well like you said nothings set in stone." Gumball remarked as he grabbed hold of the traveler's hand, and as soon as he did off they went back through the tunnel of light through which they had come. Gumball again tried to see what was happening, but just as before his eyes were forced shut, and when he opened them they were back at the spot they had left.

"So Gumball tell me. Who's your next choice?" The traveler asked looking at him with another big warm smile.
My part for :iconbigsmiles123: project. My portion of the story will take Gumball to see his future life with Carrie. I know it's quite long, but I felt it was necessary.

So hope you all enjoy this part of what I'm assuming to be a great project, and I'm glad I was able to be apart of it. =D

Here is the link to the intro of the story [link] hope you enjoy it.
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